Format of the Game

How to Register

* Group Code: Group Code is your college-specific StockMIND unique ID, which is announced during the StockMIND seminar.

** “T” refers to the date of seminar. Your contest starts on the next trading day of the seminar. For example, if the seminar is on Friday, then the contest starts on Monday. If Monday is a holiday, then the contest will start from Tuesday.

College Round

Compulsory Round - Cash and Margin

In this round, students from a particular college will compete with each other to qualify for the National Round. The below grid will be followed to decide how many participants will go into the National Round:

Number of Participants in a Group Number of Students Eligible for the National Round
50 or less participant 1
100 or less participants 2
More than 100 participants 3

Competition Rules

Qualifying Criteria for the Winner

Please note: A ‘trade’ means an executed order. For example, if a participant buys 100 shares of ABC Ltd., it will be considered as 1 trade. If the same participant sells 100 shares of ABC Ltd., it will be considered as another trade. This effectively means that by buying and selling 100 shares of ABC Ltd., the participant has completed two trades.

Daily Turnover Restrictions

Participants MUST restrict their trading turnover to less than or equal to ` 3 crore. Turnover means the sum total of all the transactions executed on a particular trading day. This includes shares bought and sold on the same day, or shares sold on the current day which were purchased on some other trading day.

One-time Deviation

One error in terms of higher turnover from participants will be allowed. However, the maximum excess turnover should NOT be more than ` 50 lakh. This means that if a participant does a turnover of up to ` 3.5 crore on any day of the contest, it will be considered as a one-time deviation and the participant will not be disqualified. In the event that a participant exceeds the turnover of ` 3.5 crore, he/she will be disqualified from the contest, even if it is for the first time.

National Round

All students eligible for the National Round will compete with each other to win this round. This round will be played in March 2018, and the competition will be for Equity - Cash and Margin (for details & rules, refer to the ‘College Round’ section). All qualified participants will be contacted shortly before the commencement of the National Round.

General Rules

Declaration of the Winner

Registration Flow