What would you do if you were given ` 15,00,000? You might spend it all at once? Or you could put it in the bank? Or you can invest it, so that it grows.

Through StockMIND, you will gain a fundamental understanding of investing and how you can get your money to work for you.

About StockMIND

StockMIND 7 is an annual, nationwide virtual stock market competition for college students. StockMIND 7’s real-world trading environment helps you sharpen your analytical, decision making and quick thinking skills. You can compete for the title of ‘Best Budding Investor’ not just within your college, but at the national level too!

Why should you participate

StockMIND aims to provide students a platform to develop and sharpen skills that are highly valued in any industry. They might choose to make their careers in equity markets. Most importantly, the Stock Market Game will help you develop positive financial habits and prepare you for your future. And you can win attractive prizes at every level.